Accessory Accessory


Acc.0 : iPulse USB-485
485-USB converter to communicate the controller
Acc.1 : iPulse RS485-HUB
485 Hub to communicate multiple controllers (MAX. 20 Channels)
Acc.2 : iPulse Remote Controller
iPulse Remote Controller to manually control the controller without communicating at PC
Acc.3 : SC-100 (Trigger Converter)
Trigger converter to convert TTL or LVDS signal

Trigger Converter SC-100

Port Type Description
Input Single Ended
(Opto coupler)
Input Range : 3.0V - 24V, > 3mA
Input Freq. : < 1MHz
Differential (LVDS, RS-422) Input Range : 3.0V - 5.0V
Input Freq. : < 10MHz
Output Single Ended Output Output Range : 12.0V
Output Freq. : < 1MHz
Differential (LVDS, RS-422) Output Range : 5.0V
Output Freq. : < 10MHz
Power Power Input 12-48V, 0.5A


  • - TTL to TTL(3V → 12V Repeater)
  • - RS-422 to RS-422 Repeater
  • - TTL to RS-422 Transfer
  • - RS-422 to TTL Transfer